Dyson’s new DC39 is stronger, harder to tip over

Dyson has remade the vacuum cleaner, making that one you bought ten years ago well and truly in need of replacing.

Designed to be harder to knock over, the new DC39 features a central steering mechanism that turns with you as you pull along your vacuum cleaner.

Dyson has also equipped the DC39 with an updated model of its Radial Cyclone technology (above), a concept that reduces dust particles as the air pumps through the different sections of the air chamber.

Available in three models (and three different colours), the Dyson DC39 is being released for all homes, people who suffer allergies, and households with animals. While each vacuum is technically the same, the individual models arrive with different heads designed to serve those needs, such as the mattress head for allergens in the crevices of your bed, a tool that only comes with the DC39 Allergy.

For regular vacuuming, two heads are available, each able to vacuum on both carpeted and wooden floors, with the Musclehead being provided to the standard DC39 while the Triggerhead comes with the pet-friendly and allergy-safe models.