Easy multi-monitor setup with ASUS’ VW223B LCD widescreen monitor

Traditionally, to utilise multi-monitor computing users had to rely on the support of additional graphics cards, detailed installation knowledge and extra time. With ASUS EzLink (Display Link) technology, the VW223B makes innovative use of the existing USB interface to spread the vision and screen space of multiple monitors for a better viewing experience.

Created for multi-tasking applications, the VW223B can be easily linked to a desktop or notebook to expand viewing. Transferring digital video signals via a USB 2.0 interface, the VW223B can be linked to one or more EzLink monitors – daisy chaining up to six monitors. Installation of the EzLink driver is only required once for expansion. Content can then be automatically moved back to the main screen or notebook display when the USB cable is disconnected.

Monitors also return to previous configurations after reconnections, lowering the complexity of adding more monitors.
Enhancing productivity, the VW223B is ideal for users who require a large amount of screen and desktop space such as banking and finance employees, small or home office (SOHO) workers, professional bloggers, and information seekers. Additionally, with its slim and glossy frame, the VW223B can be used effectively as display devices in commercial and retail business.

The VW223B is also embedded with a 3 port USB hub which allows convenient connections to EzLink displays, as well as other USB devices. Furthermore, the VW223B offers exceptional image quality with rich video features – includes ASUS Smart Contract Ratio (ASCR) technology which automatically adjusts the luminance of the backlight for better display and improves the contrast ratio to 3000:1; the Aspect Control feature enables users to select a preferred display mode between full and 4:3 modes without distorting the display image; SPLENDIDTM Video Intelligence technology delivers optimised video performance with intelligent colour, brightness, contract and sharpness corrections, as well as five video preset modes and three skin tone selections.

Overall, the VW223B is a simple and cost-effective multi-viewing solution – little or no training is required and each monitor can be rolled out by entry-level staff, resulting in increased work efficiency, lower deployment costs and reduced overheads.

Price and availability

The VW223B will be available in Australia in July 2008 with a recommended retail price of AU$429 inc GST.

Source: ASUS