eBay now offers 60 second Quick List

Quick List
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eBay has a new Quick List tool that helps sellers put up a sale item in less than 60 seconds.

The Quick List tool (or the eBay mobile app) just requires a description, up to 12 uploaded photos and of course your registration as a seller.

It also offers a range of tips to sell your goods faster – what sort of photo to use, how to create a compelling title and description, shipping options and advice on competitive pricing.

eBay has been in Australia for 18 years

More than 11 million people (about half of us) have bought or sold an item on eBay.

Quick List makes it faster and more convenient to sell on eBay. With the average Aussie household sitting on $5,406 worth of unused items, Quick List aims to help Aussies convert unwanted items into fast sales.

In fact, last year on eBay.com.au, an average seller made an impressive $706, and this latest development will help sellers benefit from healthy returns.

Key benefits of Quick List include:

  • Allows sellers to directly import images from their phone and pre-fill item details using the new product catalogue, creating a seamless user experience with no legwork necessary
  • Quick List provides pricing and shipping recommendations, taking the guesswork out of listing an item
  • It provides sellers easy access to a range of shipping options. A new eBay Postage Label Printing Platform is coming soon to make it even easier to delivery print labels.

GadgetGuy’s take – eBay is the way to buy or sell

I have been using eBay for years. Sometimes it is to find an obscure item, something no longer made or just to get a bargain. I have never been let down on any search and been 100% happy with the purchase and service!

eBay has come a long way from being a second-hand online stall – it now has dedicated marketplaces for a huge range of goods. Some of the biggest Australian retailers use it as their online fulfilment vehicle. You can shop local too.

Recently it introduced top picks under $5 site for last minute gifts.

I also like the ‘no faking worries’ guarantee, and buyer and seller protection offered by PayPal.