eBay Plus offers exclusive member deals

eBay Plus
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Want to save $461 on an iPhone X? If you join eBay Plus the low annual membership fee will be blown away by the exclusive member offers.

eBay Plus (Australian website here) is a loyalty program with real benefits and real bargains. For example, last week it was 25% off Bose Quiet Comfort 35s. And you get double flybuys points, free delivery, free returns and premium service.

This week it has

eBay claims it has about 15 million eligible products on the site at most times.

Membership costs $29 for the first year (usually $49), and there is a30 day free trial on now.

It’s easy to shop for Plus items! Just look for the eBay Plus logo on the items you want to buy, or use the Plus filter.

GadgetGuy’s take – eBay Plus. About time, or is that about Prime?

eBay Plus is its answer to Amazon Prime, another membership scheme. As far as I am concerned it is a great offer.

I like it because you can get double flybuys points and can also use them to shop online. And shipping costs (and return costs) alone will pay for the membership.

A small warning. eBay like other auction sites can have both Australian and overseas sellers. eBay does a pretty good job on keeping fakes and counterfeits from the site.

But the big issue is buying mobile phones from any auction site. Unless you get the specific model and firmware approved for use in Australia on the carrier networks you can’t

  • Make a 000 emergency call without a sim card
  • Access all unique Australian LTE bands – particularly some of Telstra’s
  • Use Voice over Wi-Fi or Voice over LTE as these are carrier dependent
  • Get local warranty and support