EcoFlow launches River 2 range of portable power stations locally

EcoFlow River 2 Max portable power station
Pictured: the River 2 Max model

Australians looking for an eco-friendly way to power electronics while travelling have a new choice in the River 2 series. Made by EcoFlow, a Californian startup company specialising in environmentally friendly power and renewable energy devices, the new devices promise fast charging and longevity.

Included in the new range are three distinct models: the River 2 (256Wh capacity, 300W output), River 2 Max (512Wh, 500W), and River 2 Pro (788Wh, 800W). Billed as entry-level portable power stations, each with a capacity of under 1kWh, they start at $649. This makes it slightly more expensive than the competing Bluetti EB3A model but is considerably lighter, as the River 2 is 3.5kg compared to the EB3A’s 4.6kg.

Aside from portability, the new EcoFlow power stations feature a wide range of uses, including as an electricity source while camping, and as a backup generator in a blackout.

EcoFlow River 2 technology

A major component behind the new range’s fast charging and longevity is its battery composition. They use what’s called a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LFP), regarded as being a more efficient and environmentally friendly technology. Increasingly more companies are using LFP batteries to power electronics because they last longer and charge faster than other lithium-ion batteries.

EcoFlow claims its River 2 series of portable power stations charge up to 80% capacity in less than 50 minutes. Furthermore, the base model charges from empty to full in only an hour, according to the company’s numbers. Even the Pro carries a 70-minute full recharge claim. In addition to charging from a mains outlet, you can also top up the power stations by using portable solar panels, which EcoFlow also sells.

Going back to the LFP battery longevity point, EcoFlow highlights that its new portable power stations are capable of 3,000 cycles. Even if you’re a heavy user, you should get plenty of use over a number of years. To back this claim up, EcoFlow offers a five-year warranty across all three of its entry-level models.

Both the base and Max River 2 models are available now from several retailers, including direct from EcoFlow. Other stores stocking the stations include Amazon, Harvey Norman, Anaconda, Total Tools, Battery World, and more. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for the Pro model, with the timing of its availability yet to be announced.

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