ECOVACS cleans up at CES 2019


ECOVACS AIVI (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) technology can stop its new DEEBOT OZMO 960 from getting all tied up in common household items.

GadgetGuy’s reviews of robot cleaners last year were critical of how easy it was to stop a robot – a stray sock, electrical cords, shoelaces, bed linen etc., all became tangled in the infernal machines. Come home expecting a clean house – I think not!

ECOVACS introduces AIVI

AIVI uses object/environment recognition in addition to spatial recognition, to match DEEBOT OZMO 960’s surroundings to household obstacles lying around the floor. That means you will not have to (but should) pick up cables, shoes, socks and more before DEEBOT OZMO 960 starts.


ECOVACS (website here) says user data and privacy is safe as no images will go to ECOVACS or third parties. Users may also choose to “opt-in” to a product improvement program to ECOVACS to improve its AI technology based on robust research and training data.

ATMOBOT: The Smart Autonomous Air Purifying Robot that moves me!

ECOVACS ATMOBOT air purifier features a Laser Distance Sensor and ultrasonic sensors, which can create a virtual map of its surroundings to detect obstacles in the area, allowing the robot to map an efficient path around users’ homes.


The robot will scan and section out a user’s home to automatically select a purification spot in each area, start purifying, and move to the next spot when the air quality reaches adequate levels.

ATMOBOT also moves intelligently so everyone in the family can enjoy clean, fresh air in every part of their home, instead of having to carry a weighty air purifier from one room to another.


With four layers of HEPA filter on both sides and three levels of fan power, ATMOBOT offers peace of mind regarding its air purification ability.

The robot works autonomously and intelligently after recharging. Meanwhile, users can also pair it with the ECOVACS App to enjoy full control and the freedom to choose which area to start air purifying by manually setting up purification spots on the virtual map.

Australian pricing and availability TBA

GadgetGuy’s take – a smart robot in every home

Early last year we reviewed the ECOVACS OZMO 930, and it scored 3.6-out-of-5 – probably because we had just reviewed the ‘king’ of robot vacuum cleaners the $1,999 Samsung VR9300 (now replaced with the POWERbot Vac x70 updated 9350 model).

In both cases, Samsung and ECOVACS were adequate but not yet reliable enough to leave unattended. ECOVACS AIVI (and Samsung’s new room mapping and blind spots feature) give later generation cleaners that much needed intelligence to do the job better.