Electrolux designer Lyndon Craig`s must-have home appliances

Got a ?must-have? home appliance gadget that you can?t live without? Gadgetguy.com.au home appliance editor Ella Smith spoke with Electrolux industrial designer Lyndon Craig about his hot favourites.






What home appliance or gadget can?t you live without and why?

I can?t live without my Apple AirPort Express. From the outside it looks like an ordinary power plug but on the inside it?s a wireless router that performs several tasks including wirelessly streaming music anywhere in the home. Besides its functionality I like the simplicity of its design. There?s nothing extraneous. And you don?t need to add an extra plug or a cable to it to make it functional. It has a beautiful façade, too. As a designer I look closely at simplicity of form. I like simple packages.


Coming a close second to the AirPort Express is my Sunbeam coffee machine, the Café Ristretto. It?s a very basic machine that cost me about $100. I can?t live without a good coffee in the morning.  

Is there a home appliance that?s sitting in your cupboard for some time collecting dust?

My old film SLR camera. It?s a unique camera but it?s passed its day. I can?t throw it out because it?s too nice but I can?t use it! I look at it occasionally.