Electrolux Iron Aid Dryer cuts down ironing time


By Ella Smith

Electrolux has developed a condenser tumble dryer that uses steam to remove wrinkles and creases from clothes, making ironing easier and delivering ready-to-wear clothes straight from the dryer.

Called Iron Aid ($2,108 RRP) the dryer has special steam cycles that will reduce or even eliminate the need to iron, saving on time and even money (think of those dry cleaning bills). Up to five wrinkle free shirts can be produced in 20 minutes and the machine can refresh and deodorise clothing, even dry clean only garments.

The refreshment cycle has been developed for de-wrinkling delicate items and odour removal with steam. For example, one suit or 1-2 trousers or 1-2 jackets that are ?dry clean only? garments, such as silk and wool, can be refreshed in 20 minutes. So, it makes you think twice before sending your suits to the dry cleaner.

Equipped with automated sensors, Iron Aid will automatically dry wet clothes prior to dewrinkling. In total, Iron Aid offers the opportunity to dewrinkle up to five shirts, or a total of 3 kg of standard cotton items per cycle.

How does it work?

According to Electrolux, the Iron Aid Dryer is quite different to most dryers sold in Australia. Unlike most dryers sold in Australia it has two motors instead of the usual one (that would control both the fan and the drum). With two motors the Iron Aid Dryer is flexible enough to dry or de-wrinkle even the most delicate fabrics (such as silk or wool), using combinations such as low fan speeds and a high drum speed, or vice versa. As well, unlike most dryers it does not need to be vented. All the condensate is captured to generate steam throughout the drum, effectively de-creasing clothes.