Electrolux Iron Aid Dryer

What it is


A condenser tumble dryer that uses steam to make the job of ironing easier with special decreasing cycles and refresh cycles

Essential info

This dryer has steam cycles that will reduce, or even eliminate, the need to iron, saving the hassle and time. It can produce up to five wrinkle free shirts in 20 minutes. Iron Aid can de-wrinkle up to five shirts, or a total of 3 kg of standard cotton items per cycle.


850 x 600 x 600 mm (H x W X D)

What we liked

  • The ability to refresh dry clothing
  • Variety of drying programs including time options
  • Comprehensive and easy to read product manual
  • Variety of programs to smooth clothing and remove odours
  • Delay timer is very convenient In total, Iron Aid offers consumers the opportunity to dewrinkle up to five shirts, or a total of 3 kg of standard cotton items per cycle.
  • Can complete around 4-10 Iron Aid programs without having to top up the condenser water container

And what we didn’t

That there is no WELS star rating program to indicate the water used during the Iron Aid or Refresh cycles

Product trivia

Make sure you only fill the condenser water container with distilled or desalinated water (not tap water or additives). You can switch off the buzzer sound (which operates to alert users at the end of a cycle) too which is handy.

More information

Read our washing machine buyers guide here.

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Can refresh dry clothes, variety of drying cycles, child lock, simple operating dial
No industry regulated water rating for the refresh or steam cycles