Electrolux Rapido complements modern interiors

Electrolux has created a handheld vacuum cleaner with a design that complements contemporary home décor and features special wheels on its nozzle to give it greater glideability.

Called the Rapido (model Z406- $79.95 RRP), this handheld vacuum cleaner?s front wheels are designed to help relieve the pressure on people?s wrists when vacuuming while also enhancing mobility, protecting tables furniture and floors from possible scratching, and preventing table cloths from clogging the nozzle. You can wall mount the charger or keep it as a freestanding unit.

Other key features include:

  • Quick empty cover
  • 500 ml dust container removes easily for emptying and cleaning
  • Power boost feature for extra power cleaning
  • Runs for 12 minutes
  • Washable filter