Electronic Interiors

The annual CEDIA* Electronic Lifestyle Awards announce Australia’s best home cinemas and smart homes.

Representing the pinnacle of work completed by more than 30 local and New Zealand systems integrators in the 12 months to July 2009, the pictures on these pages highlight what can be achieved when professionals design and install electronic entertainment, security, lighting, control and automation systems – be these for residential and commercial buildings, stadiums, planes or boats.

Best Home Theatre under $50,000

Electronic Interiors (QLD)

Best Home Theatre $50,000 – 100,000

Home Theatrix (QLD)

Best Home Theatre over $100,000

Videopro (QLD)

Best Commercial Project

Automated Innovation (NSW)

Best Special Project – Domestic

Intelligent Home (WA)

Best Integrated Home Installation under $150,000

Jory Home Systems (NSW)

Best Integrated Home Installation over $300,000

AVD Australia (NSW)

*CEDIA stands for “Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association”