Elipson brings the warmth of wood to its Timber speaker

When it comes to sound, different materials make for different sound, and as much as you might love plastic or metal speakers, nothing does it like wood, and that’s exactly the attitude Elipson is going for in its latest speaker.

Taking the premium looks, strength, and sound quality that wood brings to the table, and matching it with a 15 watt Class D amp and two 3 inch drivers, the Timber is Elipson’s addition to the crowded Bluetooth speaker market, bringing big sound to a big package created by a tree that at one point was likely big too.

The speaker itself isn’t terribly small, reminding us more of the size of a small boom box, as demonstrated by the model, and occupying a space 54cm long, with a height and depth of 22 and 25cm respectively, and a weight of 3.2 kilograms, making it one of those gadgets you won’t likely want to transport in your luggage.

That’s cool, though, because the Elipson Timber has been made to be left at home, with music transmitted to it over Bluetooth 2.1, which is a little old for our tastes, but at least means it should be compatible with everything out there. Fabric coats the speakers, and you’ll even find a 3.5mm input jack if you prefer wired to wireless sound.

A USB port can also be found on the Timber, useful since it will charge the speaker, or you can plug a drive or phone directly in, making it more than just your regular run of the (timber) mill speaker.

Pricing for Elipson’s Timber isn’t for the cheap seats, however, with the recommended retail price coming in at $499 for a speaker that could just fit in with your luxury wooden furniture.