Energising: batteries to improve with spray-on tech

The size and efficiency of batteries may be on the way to changing, with a new type of technology created that makes the traditional battery much thinner.

Developed by scientists in Texas, the technology spray paints a form of lithium ion battery on a surface, with the batteries made up of five layers that measure half a millimetre.

While it reminds us of the “liquid light” paintable photographic emulsion that has existed for years, the results of this concept could find their way into thinner battery for mobile phones capable of twice the amount of life, or smaller batteries for cameras offering the same life we get today with more room for other bits of tech.

Image from nature.com

The diagram above shows the dramatic difference between conventional battery technology and the new one these scientists have conceived, and there’s more information at nature.com on the process, but most of it’s in science-speak, so be aware.

No time frame has yet been released for the new battery technology, nor have their been any manufacturers talking publicly about trying this new tech, but if it’s as good as the scientists are saying, we’d say that battery size should see some changes within the next few years.