Energy saving Toshiba TV

Sporting a four-and-a-half star energy rating, Toshiba’s 40 inch (101cm) CV550 LCD television was, it claims, the first environmentally friendly full HD television in Australia when it went on sale in February. It’s since been trumped by Sony’s five-star 46 inch WE5 Bravia, but remains as one of just a handful of options for TV buyers with an eye to reducing their carbon footprint.

This will change, though, when the voluntary MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) labeling period ends in September and becomes mandatory. From this time, all TVs sold in Australia will have to meet minimum standards and display appropriate energy labeling. The energy star rating is part of the labeling scheme, and operates on a scale of one to six stars, with the highest star rating as the most energy efficient. The star rating aims to ensure that only the products that meet a minimum one star requirement hit Australian shores.

Toshiba’s CV550 costs $1,799.