Engin lets Aussies go walkabout with Cordless Internet Phone


Engin, Australiaas leading Internet phone company, today launched its first Internet DECT cordless phone bringing wire-free and PC-free convenience and simplicity to home and office users. Manufactured by D-Link, this new phone will enable Engin users to make and receive calls over their broadband Internet connection as well as traditional landline from anywhere in the home or home office. Whilst benefiting from the extra mobility, users also enjoy Enginns low cost local, national and international call rates.

With no wires and no need to be connected to a PC, the Engin Internet Phone 221, offers a new alternative to ordinary cordless phones and gives users the freedom and flexibility to walk and talkk while on the move around their home or small office using either the handset or high clarity speaker phone feature.

>At Engin, weere committed to putting the huge cost savings that our service delivers together with the latest, easy-to-use technology into the hands of all Australians. Todayys announcement is a significant step towards this goal as weere integrating Internet telephony into the type of cordless phone that Australians are already so familiar with. Aussies can now make an Internet call on a cordless phone and not even know it that is, until they get their cheaper phone bill,, said Ilkka Tales, CEO, Engin.

>People want life and technology to be as simple as possible. From Enginns point of view, this means easy-to-use and quality products that match and enhance even the busiest lifestyle, whether at home or at work. With no cords or connection to a PC, Engin Internet Phone 221 provides mobility in the home, whilst helping people save on their phone bills,, added Mr. Tales.

>With Enginns new Internet phone, manufactured by D-Link, expensive phone calls and having to sit by a PC are a thing of the past. We are extremely pleased to establish this agreement with Engin as together we will be able to broaden the reach of Internet telephony to the mass consumer market,, said Domenic Torre, Managing Director, D-Link Australia.

The Engin Internet Phone 221 converts normal analog phone signals to digital and sends them over a broadband Internet connection. It is easy to set up with a simple four step process: Engin users plug in the power supply, plug in the all-in-one cordless phone handset unit, connect it to their broadband Internet connection and their existing telephone service.

The Engin Internet Phone 221 includes a range of additional features such as hands-free speakerphone, phonebook to store contacts and choice of 10 ring tones. It also includes voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, call line ID and turbo dialing.

Engin offers home users savings of up to 55 per cent on their monthly phone bills with low cost call rates for as little as 10 cents untimed, anytime locally and nationally, calls to mobiles from 20 cents per minute and international calls from 3.5 cents or 20 cents untimed, anytime to selected international destinations on Enginns new World 20 Plan. Calls between Engin users are free of Engin charges.

Pricing and availability

The Engin Internet Phone 221 will be available for $199 RRP direct from Engin from late October, and from Harvey Norman and Powerhouse in early November.

Source: Engin Australia