Eon TT900


With the Kenwood Eon TT900 the days of accidentally forgetting to push the lever on the toaster are gone. This toaster automatically lowers bread when it is placed in the left slot. The bread then glides effortlessly down to be toasted. A blue light turns on to indicate toasting has begun. When it is ready, a ?ding? alerts the user that the toast is done. Pure simplicity!


However, the simplicity factor may have been taken a little too far because no buttons on the toaster are labelled, which can make first use of the product a little confusing. This probably means a visit to the manual to work out what the two buttons at the top of the toaster mean. Since the toaster automatically begins toasting, the absence of labelled buttons can also be confusing on first use. Toast must be placed in the left slot for it to automatically begin. This can be confusing if only one piece of toast is needed and the user places the bread in the right hand slot.

There is an arrow indicating this but without proper labelling this can be slightly confusing.Luckily, the manual is easy to understand with clear diagrams and instructions. Once everything is worked out, toasting seems easy and the automatic function seems a stroke of genius. This high-tech toaster is also complemented by its elegant design and brushed aluminium body, which conducts heats really well.

After a couple of toasting sessions the cool wall did an excellent job of not letting the outsides of the toaster get too hot.Its design is not bulky so it fits well on smaller bench tops. It also has a cord length adjuster so the length of the cord can be adjusted and the excess stored away.


The toaster has a handy removable bun warmer that sits on the top of the toaster. Slices of toast, crumpets, muffins, even croissants and buns can be warmed with this rack. Also, once the bread is warmed the toaster?s rack can be taken straight to the table. Although the browning lever is not labelled it is not difficult to work out. However, the inconsistency of browning on different textured breads makes it a little difficult to work out how high the settings should be. Crumpets also toasted unevenly, with their edges being a burnt. Toast always had one side considerably darker than the other.This inconsistency also carried over to the automatic function. Occasionally the toast would not automatically lower, or it would jam on the way up. Sometime the slots would lower even though there was no bread in the toaster.

This toaster did, however, deal well with frozen bread, despite it not having a defrost function. In terms of cleaning, it is really easy to keep clean. Despite is slick steel look it did not mark easily and wiped clean effortlessly. The huge, easy-to-remove crumb tray that fits under the bottom of the toaster is excellent for people who forget to regularly empty their tray.


If high tech is a priority then this automatic toaster could be the one. Its cool wall and removable bun warmer are nice features and its easy cleaning functionality wins hands down.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

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Ease of Use
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Easy to keep clean, cord length adjuster, aluminium cool wall body, large, easily removable crumb tray, slick design, high quality brushed aluminium body, dual purpose warmer and removable rack
Unlabelled buttons, uneven toasting, different toasting levels take time use well, irregular automatic function