Work in a noisy office? This Epos headset could be the solution

Epos Impact 1000 headset

There’s not much worse than trying to concentrate on a virtual meeting, only to contend with noisy office colleagues or home distractions interrupting you at every step. To combat this, audio and video brand Epos has made the Impact 1000, an on-ear set of Bluetooth headphones designed to make listening easier.

Between a mix of adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and AI technology, the headset works to minimise disruptions. Whether you work in an open-plan building or from the home office, Epos claims that the Impact 1000 helps to reduce brain fatigue. It’s not just for you as the wearer, either. Part of the included AI technology is for picking up your voice while reducing background noise, making it easier for other meeting participants as well.

At nearly $500 (with pricing starting at $485), it’s an expensive device. However, if it lives up to its claims, the investment could be worth it for people who spend lots of time in meetings or work in call centres.

How does the Epos Impact 1000 combat brain fatigue?

As mentioned before, one of the big features is noise reduction. The Impact 1000 adopts machine learning technology to identify which sounds to block, and which sounds to amplify (preferably your voice). If you have notoriously chatty office neighbours, the headset theoretically makes sure that any unwanted chatter doesn’t make it through to your call. Epos claims that this technology scans your surroundings 32,000 times per second, which seems like a lot.

For you, the wearer, adaptive hybrid ANC prevents you from hearing excessive noise, too. To make it clear you’re on a call, there’s a light that lets others know not to interrupt. If you do need to chat with co-workers, the headset’s TalkThrough feature lets you hear them without needing to remove the device. All the while, Bluetooth connectivity lets you pair with up to three devices simultaneously so you can easily swap between devices as needed.

Available in several different configurations, you can get the Epos Impact 1000 series in a single-ear model, double-ear, and with or without ANC. You can also charge the headset using a contactless stand to keep the battery topped up.

Expect to see Epos’ new work headset available from the company’s official website and authorised resellers starting in June 2023.

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