Epson EH-TW3000 – high definition home theatre projector under $3,000

Epson has released the EH-TW3000 high definition home theatre projector, an outstanding upgrade of its very successful EMP-TW1000 HD projector, which delivers a superior home theatre experience for less than $3,000 RRP.

The Epson EH-TW3000 is the first in a new range of advanced premium high definition home theatre projectors being released by Epson, the long term global market leader in projectors.

With a spectacular dynamic contrast ratio of 18,000:1, the Epson EH-TW3000 projects ultra bright whites and rich blacks, controlling the optimal brightness and contrast of every scene with its advanced Auto Iris function and Epson’s latest generation D7 LCD panels with larger apertures that increase the native contrast of the projector.

The high speed auto-iris function in the EH-TW3000 adjusts lamp brightness levels 60 times every second as it monitors the native brightness levels in the scene resulting in a bright image when needed and for darker scenes delivering richer blacks than are possible with less advanced systems. The new Auto Iris feature on the EH-TW3000, allows you to select either Normal or Fast Speed giving the viewer even more control over the picture.

To complement Epson’s market leading 3LCD technology the EH-TW3000 also has a new 200W energy efficient Epson E-TORL lamp that delivers a light output of 1,800 lumens.

A feature of all Epson home cinema projectors is the Epson designed cinema filter integrated with the projector’s lamp system, and a crucial component in achieving Epson’s renowned wide colour gamut and colour purity. The cinema filter adjusts the three primary light colours (Red, Green and Blue) with exceptional balance and precision for incredibly accurate colour reproduction.

With two HDMI connections and a 12-bit LCD driver the EH-TW3000 supports full 10 bit colour processing, producing up to 1.07 billion colours that deliver a deep and rich image expression across a broad colour gamut with ultra-smooth tonal gradations.

The EH-TW3000 also features user selectable 2-3/2-2 pull down. For smoother action 2-3 pull down (60Hz) is recommended, while with 2-2 pull down (48Hz) each frame is projected for the same period of time as in the original film.

The EH-TW3000 has seven preset colour modes and is capable of displaying the full range of colours in the x.v.Colour space which is 1.8 times larger than the sRGB colour space. x.v.Colour or xvYCC is an extended-gamut YCC colour space for video applications. Natural and vivid colours can be displayed more accurately with x.v.Colour technology. x.v.Colour output is available in some digital video cameras and Blu-Ray DVD players, and while movies are currently compressed into the sRGB colour space for transfer to DVD, this is changing.

Epson has revamped the optical engine in the EH-TW3000, reducing flare and increasing resolving power, to deliver exceptional video quality. The primary lens has a large aperture and extra-low dispersion glass, which is multi-coated to diffuse reflection. Epson has also increased the number of multi lenses from 32 to 56 giving greater light uniformity and dramatically improved evenness of colour.

To ensure the projector fits easily into your lifestyle and living arrangements the EH-TW3000 has flexible vertical and horizontal lens shift capabilities for easy positioning away from the centre of the screen. The projector can be positioned up to nearly two screen widths horizontally and three screens vertically off-centre without altering the image shape or compromising image quality.

The EH-TW3000 also has a powerful 2.1 wide zoom ratio and short focus lens, which increases the range of set up possibilities by allowing for placement both closer to and further away from the screen. With the short focus lens you can get a massive 100-inch screen from as close as three metres.

The EH-TW3000’s wide range of connection options includes two HDMI 1.3 ports, Component Video, Composite Video, S-Video, RS232C, PC and Trigger Out connection ports, allowing the projector to be configured effortlessly within virtually any home cinema set up, regardless of signal source.

Price and availability

The Epson EH-TW3000 high definition digital projector is RRP $2999 including GST and is available through selected AV specialists.

Source: Epson