Epson projector lamp recycling program

Epson has launched a projector lamp recycling program as an Australian component of its global Environmental Vision 2050.

From today owners of any brand of projector – not just Epson – can simply take their old projector lamps to one of 15 Epson Authorised Service Centres in any Australian State where they will be sent to a recycling site for crushing and separation.

Environmentally sensitive chemicals are removed while other components are melted down for re-use. Approximately 97% of the material in an average projector lamp can be recycled, thus avoiding sending it to landfill.

Bruce Bealby, Epson’s Business Manager Visual Imaging, said the program is a part of Epson’s aim to continuously improve the environmental effects of a product during use (the environmental load throughout the product life cycle).

“Epson has set itself the goal of Better Products for a Better Future. As the environmental effects are continuously reduced through Epson’s outstanding innovation in technology and design, we are at the same time taking responsibility for what is happening now, with current products,” Mr Bealby said.

“This lamp recycling program is a contribution by Epson, the market leader in projectors, towards creating a new form of business that minimises consumption of energy and resources, recycles materials, and eliminates waste across the entire product life cycle, including production, transportation and usage,” he said.

For more details of Epson’s environmental activities and the lamp recycling program, including the location of collection centres, visit the Epson Projector Lamp Recycle website (link will open in new window).

Source: Epson