Epson unveils a 3D LCD for your eyes

Sony isn’t the only company trying its hand at an entertainment headset, with Epson announcing a new display that not only offers a big 3D screen for your eyes, but also glasses that you can see right through.

Epson’s Moverio BT-100 glasses take advantage of micro-projection technology, sending an image to each eye and creating what the brain will interpreted as an 80 inch image. Using a projection technology means the glasses don’t need an OLED screen and lots of electronics behind them, as it is in the Sony’s HMZ-T1. Being clear glasses with a projected image, however, means that you’ll still be able to look out of the glasses while watching the video or image.

Something else that will separate the Moverio from Sony’s solution is how the gadget will be powered: while Sony’s headset required you to be plugged into a power source, the Moverio BT-100 will feature a rechargeable battery offering almost six hours of life.

There are things that are still shared between the two headsets, and that’s the fact that you’re still tethered to something. The BT-100 keeps you plugged into a small controller featuring a trackpad and running on Google’s Android operating system, allowing you to load up movies and games on a microSD card.

WiFi is built directly into the glasses as is support for 3D stereoscopic content, potentially offering 3D movie watching on the bus or train to work.

Epson hasn’t given word on if or when this product will reach Australia, but with an overseas price of $699 US, it should be an interesting competitor to Sony’s $899 solution.