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Epson’s Bruce Bealby raced in for a chat. He likes doing things at a pace. Especially as Epson is an Official Team Partner of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport.

Bruce explained that more than 150 of its products are currently integrated across the different departments of the reigning Formula One world champions – including inkjet printers, scanners, 3LCD projectors and wearable devices.

Bruce BealbyBruce Bealby is General Manager Sales and Marketing for Epson’s consumer division. He has been with Epson Australia since 2002. That is a lot of both Epson and industry expertise.

One could say he’s in it for the long haul as he does ultra-marathons in his spare time. The interview is paraphrased to avoid copious repetition of “He said.”

GG: That is a long time with one company. It is great to see such dedication but why is Bruce Bealby still there?

Bruce BealbyI started working in product and marketing roles at Sony in the UK and Europe from 1994 to 2002. Those 7.5 years set me on a path.

I gained a job at Epson Australia (every Brit wants to escape the weather) and moved to Sydney as Business Marketing Manager of Video Display products. Through a series of promotions, I ended up General Manager – Sales and Marketing – Consumer Division for Australia and New Zealand.

But that does not explain why I have stayed there.

One of the main reasons is that Epson spends 5.2% of its revenue on research and development. That puts us up there in the top 20 or so companies in the world R&D wise. R&D changes the world, and I like that.

Next, we hold about 1,500 patents, and that also places us in the top 20 or so patent holders. It’s the innovation and subsequent patents that drive Epson.

Finally, our president Minoru Usui, himself an engineer, has a vision of creating value for our customers by pursuing technological innovation.

GG: Innovation is an easy word to use. Can you be more specific?

We created the world’s first compact, lightweight digital printer; the world’s first quartz watch; and the world’s first photo-quality inkjet printer. The technology behind these products did not exist before we made them.

Each of these products was developed from the ground up by Epson engineers. They aspired to bring certain value to the world or to create products that would benefit people’s lifestyles. Over the years, this approach has become deeply embedded in Epson’s DNA.

We are innovating in four key areas: inkjet (printers), visual (projectors), wearables (such as Moverio) and robotics.

By the way, do you know what Epson means? EP is a reference to the first printer developed for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, and “Son” refers to the next generation- “EPSON – Son of Electronic Printer”.