Escape Therapy – HP takes the Siri out of Mac

Escape Therapy

HP’s new digital Escape Therapy campaign aims to help consumers see the light beyond Apple’s ‘walled garden’ that keeps users trapped in their ecosystem.

To help convey the Escape Therapy message, HP has snagged none other than the original voice of Siri herself, Susan Bennett.

Escape Therapy

Escape Therapy, is a funny but sophisticated video content series featuring Dave, a long-time Mac lover, breaking up with his first love, his MacBook (voiced by Susan Bennett). After years of slowly dwindling happiness, he’s decided to let her down gently in a safe setting – a couple’s counselling session.

The campaign focuses on the insight that almost half of recent Mac buyers had considered switching before they purchased a Mac, and when Mac customers left Apple, HP is the #1 brand they chose.

Ken Maher, Director of Personal Systems at HP Australia talks about Escape Therapy.

“We launched Escape Therapy to showcase the real HP difference in a fun, light-hearted way. At the same time, we wanted to demonstrate our leadership and innovation in Premium laptops, and highlight the features Aussies really want from their laptop,”

Through his Escape Therapy sessions, Dave shines a light on the features his laptop lacks, from no touch screen to concerns around web cam privacy, to innovative design. Joining his therapy sessions is his MacBook, voiced by Susan Bennett – the original voice of Siri.

You can view all five Escape Therapy videos below:

Escape Therapy campaign HP

The Breakup

Dave’s ready to end things with his first love… but how will she take it?

Out of Touch

Dave’s ready to break up with his MacBook, but she wants to give touch one more try.


Dave has covered his Mac’s webcam, but he wants a better solution.


Dave’s got his eye on a flexible hinge, but his MacBook can’t give him what he wants.


Dave wants his MacBook to stand out from the crowd, and stickers aren’t going to cut it.

GadgetGuy’s take – Escape Therapy – are you sirious??

Apple spent zillions from 2007-2009 bagging PC using over 66 humorous advertisements. The entire campaign and advertisement video links are here.

Adweek declared “Get a Mac” to be the best advertising campaign of the first decade of the new century.

Steve Jobs said, “Why is it that people are using PCs? They’re ****ing horrible computers. This makes no sense to me.”

When Microsoft shot back with its own competitive Vista ads, Jobs felt like while his competitor was spending a ton of cash on making ads, it wasn’t focusing on fixing Vista’s many problems. What started as a gentle-natured ribbing – Jobs versus Gates – did turn ugly.

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