ESET joins Facebook to help improve social network security

Everywhere you go on online and everything you do on that great big world wide web, you can bet there’s a security threat, but at least in the case of Facebook we’re seeing developments to try to make the social web a slightly safer place.

To help out with that effort, security group ESET is bringing its security technology to Facebook, with a security engine being employed by Facebook to look for malware and infections that are taking advantage of Facebook to better perpetrate their misdeeds.

With ESET’s technology on-board, Facebook will look over a user’s account when they log in, checking to see if spam messages are being sent or scanning links to see if they’re infectious, and if either are true, informing the user that they need to scan their computer for malware.

When this happens, a download will start and people can check their computer, with Facebook still able to be used, but a clean-out being performed on their computer, with the technology based on ESET’s Online Scanner.

“Our goal is to offer our users the right technology to improve their experience of our services and better protect their devices,” said Facebook’s Chetan Gowda.

“ESET Online Scanner for Facebook will significantly decrease the number of malicious links from among the trillions of clicks that take place every day on Facebook.”

We seriously hope every computer user has some form of internet security on their computer as it’s more of a necessary thing these days regardless of operating system since it can affect anyone.

That said, if you still don’t believe you need internet security, it’s probably a good thing companies like ESET and Facebook are looking out for you, making sure you’re not perpetrating scams for would-be scammers out there.

The concept rolls out this week and will be available to all Facebook users now.