Espier brings a touch of iPhone to your Android

While some companies do what they can to make their versions of Android stand as far apart as they can from the iPhone, others are bringing the two devices closer.

A new launcher for Android bridges the gap in such a way, we’ll be surprised if it’s not ripped from Android Market within the next month.

Espier Launcher gives an Android phone – any Android phone – a look more like that of iOS. From the icons to the sliding menus to the left-most system wide search screen, this launcher does what it can to turn your Android into an iClone, and does it succeed.

It even creates folders like iOS by dragging icons into each other, as well as letting you remove programs by holding down on shortcuts until they wiggle and then hitting the “x”.

Espier Launcher is free right now from Android Market, though we don’t know how much longer it’ll be there, given how Apple generally feels about copycats.

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