Even a A$40,000 rise won’t cure COVID WFH-itis


A recent US survey of over 3000 IT professionals found that even a $40K pay rise could not entice 64% to give up (Work from home). People are liking this WFH-itis!

Let’s face it after we have found a space to do our Work From Home (WFH), it is pretty convenient. Travel time goes from hours to seconds.  The wardrobe is so much more comfortable, and the fridge is far better stocked than at work.

Counter to that, we have lost a bit of spontaneity, and the water cooler discussions just don’t exist. The kids’ photo bomb your zoom meetings. Worse you realise too late you are still in your pyjamas on that same zoom meeting. Most humans crave that physical, social engagement. Is the output more or less?

Now before you take sides – work from home or work from an office – the COVID pandemic and lockdowns over the past 12 months have proven that for many non-public facing staff, WHF-itis’ works. Conversely, employers have reasonable rights to expect a return to the office.

The loneliness of an empty office desk

Gadget Guy does not support charging into the boss and demanding $40,000 to cure WFH-itis

However, a $40K pay rise would be nice! Instead, if you want to continue the privilege of working from home have a civil chat with the boss.

This survey was done by Team Blind and does not consider those who have customer-facing jobs.  It does raise some interesting arguments.  Rest assured, those of you needing new tech to make your WFH-itis just that little bit easier be sure to see our latest reviews and news by subscribing to our website (click the link top right of this page).

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