Everybody out of the water, and into the jungle with Garmin

Last week, Garmin unveiled a watch that would help you track your movements in the water, and now the company is aiming to improve the life of the adventurer, with the Fenix GPS wristwatch.

Aimed at the travelling folk who take their bodies into the wilderness and beyond, the Garmin Fenix packs in a barometer, barometric altimeter, temperature sensor, 3-axis electronic compass, and GPS navigation tech inside a watch body capable of handling up to 50 metres of waterproofing.

One of Garmin’s biggest areas is GPS, and that’s being pushed with the Fenix, with up to 1,000 points of interest able to be marked on the paths you take, digital “bread crumbs” left with Garmin’s TracBack movement recording, and making the routes shared later on with friends online and with other Fenix watches.

“Garmin has a strong culture of innovation and we’re proud to be constantly shaping exciting developments in the GPS category with landmark products like the Fenix,” said Garmin’s Trevor Berrange, managing director for the company in this region.

“Building on the features of devices in our fitness and outdoor categories, Fenix provides not only the strengths of an ABC wristwatch, but navigation and communication as well.”

Battery life is the obvious concern with a GPS watch, and Garmin seems to have been working on that, telling us that the Fenix can reach a battery life of up to 50 hours in GPS mode and up to six weeks in watch mode. We’re hoping that means you don’t lose out on satellite tracking in the middle of a trip.

Adventurers, hikers, and anyone else keen to get lost in the good way can find Garmin’s Fenix in stores in August for $449.