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Tailor your entertainment experience to the space you live in

Imagine a home where each and every one of your passions has a room devoted to it. A luxurious home cinema in the basement, a dedicated music room for serious listening, a computer room, billiard room, reading room, art studio, gourmet kitchen and a spacious dining area – each one perfectly equipped for their purpose.

Chances are your house is nothing like that. In these days of open plan living, dividing walls have fallen and individual rooms have merged into shared spaces where we eat, drink, work, rest and play – often at the same time.

At Audio Connection, we recognise it would be great if we had rooms dedicated to each of our pastimes, but we specialise in making them all work in one living space – the one you have.

Living rooms are now used for more than just watching the news and a TV drama either side of dinner. They’ve become the hub of a multimedia entertainment experience, a place where we listen to music, play video games, watch movies in surround sound, or gather with friends to enjoy events such as major sporting occasions on the big screen.

As our entertainment options have exploded, so have the difficulties of making all our equipment work in the same space. That is why a visit to one of our showrooms begins with a conversation rather than a sales pitch. What is it you enjoy watching, playing and listening to? What size and shape is your room? How do you want a home entertainment system to dovetail with your lifestyle? Once those questions are answered, we can begin tailoring a solution to your individual needs.

Unlike many other stores, at Audio Connection you also get to try before you buy. Once we’ve shortlisted equipment that will fit with your living space, you get a chance to watch and listen to that gear in one of our dedicated demonstration rooms. We encourage you to bring your favourite music and movies in to see how they feel on the equipment you’re thinking of buying. You walk out of our store confident that your new system is not only an ideal fit for your living space, it will also look and sound exactly the way you want it to.

Speaking of looks, our experience in building dedicated home theatre rooms gives us the interior design expertise to blend the equipment seamlessly into the decor of your shared living and entertainment area. With our extensive range of free standing, bookshelf and wall-mounted speakers, plus a wide selection of specialist AV furniture, you see only what you want to see, without compromising on convenience or enjoyment.

Hardware can either be showcased or hidden from view. We can even work with you to conceal speakers in walls and ceiling panels, or secrete DVD players and home cinema amplifiers in custom-made cabinets.

We also know that while your living and entertaining area is the most important space in the house, you also want to be able to enjoy your entertainment in the other rooms you have, whether it’s music in the kitchen, pay TV in the bedroom or PC content in the lounge.

Our staff are experts in connectivity and convergence, linking your components together so they work the way you want, whether it’s the simple addition of an iPod dock to your hi-fi, or the creation of a whole house audio system.

Even if you’re not ready to move beyond your main entertainment area for now, making the right choices at the start ensures seamless expansion later.

It’s all about creating a solution to match your environment – no matter how many or how few rooms you live in.

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