Evolve Motorcycles to push electric bikes in a Tron-like direction

If you’ve always dreamed of owning or riding a lightcycle from the “Tron” movies, your dream may actually become a reality, with a new electric light-up motorcycle in production.

Developed by Evolve, an American company specialising in electric vehicles, the Xenon bike features 32 inch hub-less wheels with an OLED light tape stretching around them. Put together, this electric bike gives off the impression that it’s jumped off of the grid in Tron, lighting up and looking spectacular.

Evolve has made a space in the body for an iPad, leading us to believe you can use your iDevice for a GPS, music, and possibly even an electronic dashboard.

Evolve says the electric battery is capable of travelling a range of just under 50 kilometres on one charge and hitting 160kph as a maximum speed, making it a bike more designed for the city at this point.

Charge time takes roughly three hours, and from what we’re seeing in the pictures, Evolve has left a spot for you to plug your iPad directly into the bike.

No word yet on availability – locally or internationally – though Evolve currently puts the Xenon in the price range of $55,000 USD.