Exciting 2018 Tech: Pet Tech

Pet tech

That’s right, Pet Tech. From interactive feeders to health and activity trackers, Pet Tech is set to take an even larger slice of the pet lovers’ wallet.

Michael Verghios, Director at Nimbull Smart Home, deals with the pointy end of installing and making these devices work. He is a volunteer smart home Gadgeteer and reports on pet tech.

Pet numbers explode – not pets thankfully

Australian’s love their pets, and a higher percentage of us live with a cat or dog than a child. Australia has similar pet ownership rates to America – 65% of homes have one or more pet. That is among the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. Last year Australians spent $12 billion a year on food, grooming, vets and insurance for their pets, making the pet industry a booming one.

With Smart Home technology pervading our homes this year, it’s no surprise that manufacturers are bringing smart PET tech to the home as well. So, what can Australia’s 9 million tech-savvy cats and dogs expect?

Pet Tech is rapidly growing

It has been brewing for a while. One hundred million views for a cute dog video. Ten million followers for a Pet’s Instagram profiles. 2018 was the year when Australian’s began to have access to a host of hardware that can take our love of pets to the next level.

Here is some of the best Pet Tech that has hit our shores in recent months, including cameras, feeders, well being trackers and other ways to interact with your fur-pal.

Latest Pet Tech Australian Releases

Cameras that let you speak and play with your pet remotely using your smartphone

The Petcube Play Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera will let you drag your finger around your smartphone, which moves a red laser dot on the floor of your home. Name a cat in history that can resist it – I dare you!

Pet tech

With real-time video and two-way audio, you can announce cute nicknames (or insults when they are in your top drawer again!). If you have any concerns about your pet being lonely or wonder what they get up to when you’re not around, then this is the gadget for you.

Activity trackers that capture key info about your pet and their lifestyle

The Petble SmartTag Pet Health Tracker is like a Fit Bit, but for dogs. You can compare your pets daily activities to that of other pets, and make the best decisions for their health and longevity.

Pet tech

Treat dispensers with video so that you can witness the joy

The Petcube Bite Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Pet tech

What’s not to love about flicking a treat up to 1.8 meters in the air, and seeing your pet leap to catch it? You can also use it to dispense treats at certain times, to relieve boredom.

Smart Food Bowls that can weigh food and report on over or under feeding on a smartphone app

Obesity is a real problem affecting the lifespan of pets. Even a moderate amount of excess body fat can reduce a dog’s lifespan and increase its chances of early death.

Pet tech

Obesity increases a dog’s chances of developing cancer, arthritis, skin disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease and more. This is why it is so important to maintain a dog’s optimal body weight as best you can. The Petble Pet Smart Food Bowl with In-Built Scale can help you maintain portion control, and works with the App to offer tailored exercise and diet advice for your pet.

And the future

Aussie accessories company LaserCo will introduce a range of smart pet tech including long-range GPS trackers that don’t rely on Bluetooth to find your pet.

We will start to see Bark Activated/Assisted speakers, automatic stick/ball throwers, pet health/wellness monitoring, doggy/cat dream houses and more. Fish and other pets will benefit too with things like odour control and intelligent interactive environments to keep them amused and so much more.

Come on in [money] spinner. After all, pets are people. What price can you put on a pet’s happiness?