Exclusive: we preview The Amazing Spiderman

Ahead of its release in July, GadgetGuy’s Adrian Masiello takes a brief look at the reboot of Sony and Marvel’s action-packed Spiderman flick.

Today Sony unveiled the longest look yet at the latest addition to the Spiderman franchise, “The Amazing Spiderman,” with a preview showing in major cities across the globe.

The good news is that fans can breathe a sigh of relief because – ladies and gentlemen – a real Spiderman film is finally here.

The session started with the new trailer in glorious 3D, now featuring a wealth of new footage never before seen by the public. The structure of the film is starting to become clear and we had the clearest look yet at Spiderman’s nemesis, the Lizard.

There has been a lot of criticism of the Lizard’s design and we can understand why: he is a bit of a departure from the comic version, likening his look to that of Killer Croc in the Batman comics and more like a traditional lizard.¬†Once his transformation is complete and the audience has had time to sit with the design, we think it will work just fine.

Another new element in the footage was that Spiderman’s prankster personality is finally started to come through, an aspect that was sorely missed in the Sam Raimi iterations released in the last three Spiderman films.

For instance, as Spiderman sneaks into a crook’s car and is asked if he’s a police officer, he replies “Seriously? You really think I’m a cop wearing red and blue spandex?”

Technically the film looks beautiful, shot on Red’s new Epic cameras in spectacular 3D, it has a very earthy feel to it with absolutely beautiful cinematography. Some of the effects haven’t been completed yet, and it was very cool seeing Andrew Garfield flung around on wires in front of a blue screen, waiting for the city to be thrown in behind him.

Our initial feeling is that Andrew Garfield has nailed all the elements of Parker’s personality, while Emma Stone is, as always, very lovable and headstrong as Gwen.

Overall, we must have been shown roughly 10 minutes of the film, including an endearing scene where Peter first asks Gwen Stacy out in one of those typically awkward high school fashions.

From our brief preview this evening, Sony has shown that it is serious with the reboot and has pulled out all the stops to bring Spiderman back to the big screen, which should make fans of the series quite happy. It certainly thrilled us.