Eyes on ahead and behind with Uniden’s in-car camera

The car camera market appears to be getting crowded, as more and more manufacturers sign up to offer an extra set of eyes for what’s happening as you drive. Uniden is the latest, offering you more than one camera in its flagship unit.

Uniden’s first foray in car camera comes in two models, with the iGo Cam 300 offering a front-facing camera and a 1.5 inch colour LCD – useful for watching and recording what’s happening at the front of your car and what you see as you drive – and the iGo Cam 800, which has two cameras working with a 2 inch LCD.

While the iGo 300 comes in at just under $80, it does pack in infrared support, making it usable in low light, while the 800, which is double the cost, takes advantage of anti-shake technology and captures from dual cameras at the same time to monitor both the front and the back, a design we’ve yet to see and makes sure both important viewpoints aren’t missed.

Uniden's iGO Cam 300

“In the shock of an accident is it often difficult to remember every detail in order to complete an insurance claim or police report,” said Brad Hales, Uniden Australia’s Senior National Marketing Executive. “Capturing live road events, Uniden’s iGO Cams have can protect drivers from becoming a victim of fraudulent claims or assist in crash disputes – or for instances when your car is damaged in a parking lot.”

Both cameras capture in high definition, with motion detection enabled across the range to start the recording if or when someone hits you, helped with a collision detection system.

The cameras capture directly to microSD, and while you will need one to make them work, Uniden is bundling in an 8GB card with the the iGo 800, though larger cards are supported for longer records.
Uniden’s range of cameras should be hitting stores across the country now, with the iGo 300 retailing for $79.95 while the iGo 800 will cost $149.95.