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EZCast Beam H3 portable LCD projector (review)


The EZCast Beam H3 is a 200 lumen LCD portable projector with so many connection options that there is literally no device it can’t mirror, extend or stream from.

True! It has Wi-Fi AC, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB-C, USB-A and microSD inputs and a creditable 200 lumen, 1920x1080p@60Hz, 16:9, SDR up to 155” image from a fairly small 218 x 172 x 88mm x 1.2kg attractive bead box style projector.

Did we mention that it is not expensive either? It is US$169 (currently on special at $135.20) – a pittance.

No, it is not perfect. Two hundred lumens and 1000:1 contrast mean it is for darkened rooms only. 1080p@60Hz SDR means it is not a bad picture, but it lacks the depth you will see on an LCD TV panel, and it is best to forget the single 5W speaker.

It is for is the home, office, or grey nomads – anyone – to connect a projector to Android, Airplay (iOS), Windows, macOS and more content devices either directly or via the EZCast app that also opens up DLNA and many more streaming sources.

EZCast Beam H3 portable LCD projector

PriceUS$169 (currently on special at $135.20) plus shipping
FromBuy from the manufacturer EZCast online
WarrantyOne-year (EZCast are a reputable company and provide email and video support
Country of ManufactureChina
EZCastEZCast (Action Microelectronics) is a Taiwanese company (Est. 2006). EZCast has patents in 30+ countries. It designs custom audio/video/wireless broadcast SoCs. The technology is in use by the leading router, monitor, and projector manufacturers.
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Note that there is a lower-cost Beam V3 as well. It is 720p and lacks auto vertical keystone and auto portrait projection.

Setup – so many options

I had to read the manual! But in EZCast Beam H3’s defence, it is because it has so many connectivity options that you may have to admit defeat. Plug in:

  • HDMI Blaupunkt Android TV or Google TV dongle. Anyone can do that, and it would be my strongest recommendation as it adds Chromecast.
  • An HDMI soundbar/Blue-ray/media centre.
  • USB-A or USB-C flash drive (photos or MP4 movies), and it will play.
  • USB-C to HDMI cable and mirror your phone screen.
  • USB-C to USB-C (as long as the phone or PC supports ALT DP video/audio).
  • Or a USB-C device with ALT DP (display port) like OPPO Find X3 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or most recent Window or Mac laptops with USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 or 2 or Thunderbolt 2 or 4 ports and it works – instantly.

And that is before we use Wi-Fi and EZCast.

It comes with an EZCast EZC-5201BS (a PDF) USB-A Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.2 BLE adapter. This plugs into a USB-A 2.0 socket on the projector adding Wi-Fi 5 AC 2.4/5Ghz, 2×2 (2 streams) MU-MIMO, 150/433Mbps. This allows the projector to join the home Wi-Fi network.

But it is also an interesting device as it can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot to allow you to link to its SSID (no internet connectivity). It can also transform a Windows PC into a Wi-Fi (no internet unless your PC is Ethernet cable connected) and BT device supporting 2.0 speakers/headphones, mouse, keyboard and smartphone. Mac supports Wi-Fi only.

Or, if you read our review on the EZCast Magic Ether – cast video/audio over Ethernet, you can also add an Ethernet connection via the HDMI Port. You will find an Ethernet connection is way more reliable.

All I can say is – confused – there are so many options and that is a good thing.

EZCast is software (PDF File here) that allows you to cast from your host device to a TV, monitor or projector over Wi-Fi (or Ethernet). It is the cornerstone of all EZCast products.

EZCast can (over Wi-Fi or Ethernet)

  • Windows: Mirror or extend your screen to a maximum of 1920×1080@60Hz. When you select extend, it is an extra independent screen with full mouse support – handy to add an extra screen
  • Android: Miracast (not Chromecast) your screen
  • Mac: Same as Windows or can use Airplay
  • iOS: Uses Airplay
  • EZChannel will search videos across media sites
  • Video/Photo/Music stream and playback from the casting device
  • DLNA – cast from a DLNA network storage device – works flawlessly
  • Cloud – cast from a cloud server – works flawlessly
  • Voice control – Google Assistant (can cast via the Google Home App) or Amazon Alexa
  • Digital photo frame
  • If casting does not work on some content, it is due to HDCP or DRM copy protection. In this case, you will need an Android TV, Apple TV or other certified dongle or set-top box.

And the EZCast Beam H3 portable LCD projector

It is quite a competent 200 lumen, 1000:1 contrast LCD projector.

As mentioned earlier, it cannot defeat 400-lumen office light, but it is fine when it gets to dusk (<200 lumens). There is a manual focus ring. I like the auto orientation and the design that allows you to project up to a ceiling or use it in portrait (smartphone 9:16) or landscape (16:9)

  • 1920x1080p@60Hz SDR
  • >30,000 hours LED life
  • Throw ratio: 1.3:1 and throw distance 1-4.4M for a 35-155” display
  • The H3 version allows for landscape, portrait and on ceiling (up) projection
  • Auto vertical keystone
  • Screen colour compensation and front/ceiling and rear/ceiling orientation
  • USB-C, USB-A, HDMI 2.0, microSD and Wi-Fi inputs
  • 5W speaker and 3.5mm 2.0 headphone socket (better to connect a speaker)
  • IR remote control (required to set up the device initially)
  • 218 x 172 x 88mm x 1.2kg
  • Noise level 40dB at 1m
  • IR remote
  • AC Adaptor (order AU plug)
  • Tripod mount socket or height adjustment leg

GadgetGuy’s take

We have reviewed several EZCast devices and are impressed with how this company has developed so many casting technologies used by itself and many major projector and TV manufacturers.

We have been testing this for a few weeks, and it is far more than meets the eye.

The only two caveats are that using EZCast can be challenging until you ‘get it’ and that the 200-lumen output is inadequate for a claimed 155” screen. We also issue the same advice on screens as we did for the Philips 200 lumen LCD projector – a proper screen makes a world of difference.

Would I buy it?

If you need a projector that you can cast to, then it fits that bill. But consider that you can add EZCast to any TV or projector with the right dongle. So, if you want 4K or 2000 or more lumens, there is an EZCast device. I would pay for image brightness and quality and add EZCast to that.

But at its price, it is almost a no-brainer for the kids, lockdown schooling, grey nomads and anyone that wants a portable and ultimately connectable projector. Being LCD instead of DLP, it is an instant switch on and off – quite rugged.


From September 2021, we have adjusted our ratings to give us more ‘headroom’ to recognise exceptional features and performance. Until now, 8/10 was considered a ‘pass’. It is now 6/10. If you compare the EZCast Beam H3 with older projector reviews, reduce them by two points.

As a projector, it is similar to the 200-lumens Philips NeoPix LCD for image quality, but it has more features and is less costly.

As a casting device, it is way ahead of any current projector, with the caveat that you can add EZCast to any projector.

It is 19 minutes but if you are considering buying it is a great resource
EZCast Beam H3 portable LCD projector
The EZCast Beam H3 portable 200-lumen LCD is a competent projector with a massive range of connectivity.
Value for money
Ease of use
The most ‘connectable’ projector on the market
Acceptable 1080p@60Hz image to 100+"
Auto-portrait mode for smartphones and TikTok mode
Auto-keystone adjustment works well
Wide range of setup adjustments, including screen colour
EZCast app has so many casting options
Easy to use via plugin ports – less so via EZCast options
Copyright material may not cast – you may need a certified ‘dongle’
Can’t be used in daylight - needs less than 200 lumens
It is non-cinematic – best for FTA TV and SDR content
Poor home Wi-Fi can affect video/audio quality