Faber-Castell encourages kids to be creative with a free app

While some art supply companies have embraced the digital world with stylus-based apps, one art supplier is using the world of iPad apps to get kids off the tablet, and back onto a table drawing things for real.

You might know the name Faber-Castell from the pencils and pens you see scattered around the place, and now these very same people have embraced the world of iPad apps to help kids draw on paper, not just on the tablet.

Released for free this week, the iPad only app is called “Creative Kids” and encourages just that: your kids to be creative.

Designed for kids over the age of six, the app provides step-by-step instructions to get kids to draw things on paper, demonstrating how to draw animals, ghosts, and more.

Some of the instructions may include tracing an image on the screen of the iPad, and for that it’s probably a good suggestion to make sure the iPad has a transparent screen protector in place so that any hard pressing down of the pencils don’t end up scratching the iPad for real.

Android support hasn’t yet been announced, and from what we hear, Faber-Castell hasn’t yet decided if an Android version will be coming.

Still, it’s a neat idea, and if you end up struggling for ideas for the little ones this holidays, this is one idea that doesn’t need much more than an iPad, paper, and either some pencils, pens, or crayons.