Facebook app for BlackBerry phones – version 1.5

Facebook for BlackBerry allows users to access and manage their Facebook contacts list and integrate it with their BlackBerry address book. Callers from a user’s Facebook address book will appear with their profile picture as the caller ID and birthdays and events will also be integrated automatically into BlackBerry calendars.

Facebook for BlackBerry 1.5, is now available to a greater number of users thanks to additional support for the following languages: French, Italian German Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Facebook messages and status updates will also be integrated with your BlackBerry device, with conversations appearing as an IM thread in the application and appearing in your BlackBerry message list. Users will also be able to search Facebook contacts and information using the BlackBerry’s onboard search facility.

System requirements

  • A wireless data service plan from your wireless service provider
  • A Facebook account. If you don’t currently have one, create an account using the application or set up a Facebook account now
  • A BlackBerry smartphone with 64 MB of memory
  • 590 KB of available smartphone memory
  • BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.2 (some calendar link functions only work on Software Version 4.3 and later) or later


  • To download the app from a computer, visit www.blackberry.com/go/facebook
  • To download the app from a BlackBerry phone, visit mobile.blackberry.com