Facebook brings Timeline to Australians, your life is now on display

Everybody’s favourite social networking site is changing, and it’s not just getting a facelift. The new design also features a timeline that you can edit showing you what your life was like since you were born.

Rolled out this week in Australia, Facebook Timeline is a new way of looking at your Facebook profile.

News, status updates, uploaded photos, and events are set out in blocks pointing to a point on a vertical line. Essentially, that line is your life, with the bottom being when you were born and the top being where you currently are.

Facebook's new "cover" image is big, allowing you to make more of an impact and say who you are in the first image visitors see.

Favourite moments of your life can have a star added to them, and you can always add more information about your life that Facebook doesn’t have.

At the top of the new design, Facebook has given you a wide-space for a cover image – a photo or image that represents you and the first thing people see – and next to that, a timeline that falls down the right of the page. Here, you and your visitors can get around the years and months of your life quickly.

In essence, you can make your Facebook Timeline more like a documented digital biography of your life.

To the right of your cover image is the timeline controller.

Timeline officially goes live seven days after you try the service, although you can make it live at anytime. While we’re not sure if this will become mandatory for everyone, the moment you try the service, it does look like you will be forced to keep it a week after the first go.