Facebook scams now targeting Timeline

A few days ago, we reported that Facebook would be forcing its new Timeline look on users. With many people against the feature, a series of scams detailing how to ditch Timeline have appeared on Facebook .

Facebook’s new Timeline feature started rolling out late last year to people in Australia, changing profiles to show a date-based history of life on Facebook. Starting with the year you were born, Timeline shows every status update, photo, and item you’ve shared since you started using the social networking service.

While many have embraced the new feature, there are also some who oppose it, and these scams target those people.

Simply searching for “remove timeline” in Facebook yields plenty of pages and so-called apps that purportedly return your Facebook profile to its original look. These are scams, however, using the Facebook clickjacking technique to hijack your profile and post more links and scams to your page with Timeline kept in place.

It’s probably best to say that at this time, Facebook Timeline is here to stay. Once you move to it – and you’ll have no choice within the next month or two – you’re stuck with it.

But your adventures with Facebook don’t have to end there, as you can hit up the “Edit Profile” section of your Facebook page and specifically choose what sections of your profile to show publicly.

There's no way to go back to your old profile once Timeline is in place. You'll just get a wall and profile dominated with spam.