Fancy some fruit and vegie cookies’


A Chinese design student has created a benchtop appliance that transforms fresh fruit and vegetables into bite sized, made-to-order biscuits in minutes. Called Fit-Snack-Joy, the appliance chops, bakes and moulds ingredients to make a healthy alternative for people who love snacking.

Standing only 30 cm high, Fit-Snack-Joy has its own integrated electronic nutritional library onboard, helping people create their own vitamins and mineral-rich combinations. The brains behind the concept, Yirong Yang, a Chinese design student, said her idea was to create an appliance that replaces snacks with tasty healthy alternatives with little fuss.

Fit-Snack-Joy was one of nine finalists in this year?s DesignLab competition, run by Electrolux. Designers were challenged to construct food preservation and preparation solutions that promote healthy eating habits for the consumer in 2016.

The bad news is that Electrolux has no date set to commercialise Fit-Snack-Joy.

Source: Electrolux