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We’ve already made a few Father’s Day suggestions for the well-heeled. But this time let’s keep things well under a thousand dollars and see what’s available. Remember, Father’s Day is on Sunday the 2nd of September this year.

Philips Laser Guided Trimmer Series 9000 shaver – $159.95

Father's Day

Does dad have a beard? Sideburns? Edges to his hairs that need to be kept in line? What’s better for Father’s Day than a gadget that combines high tech with traditional trimming technology? The Philips Laser Guided Trimmer promises “perfect symmetry” around those edges.

We haven’t laid hands on this one yet, but it looks like the trimmer casts a workmanlike laser line onto his skin. He uses that as a trim guide. It’s battery powered, of course, and fully waterproof. He can dial in the length he wants, with seventeen settings between 0.4mm and 7mm.

Read more about it at Philips’ website here.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise cancelling headphones – $499.95

Father's Day

Does dad travel? If he does, the best thing you can get him for Father’s Day is some fine noise-cancelling headphones. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise cancelling headphones offer two levels of noise reduction, with the higher level being the most impressive we’ve ever experienced.

Of course, they can work (without noise reduction) when the battery is flat, fed by the supplied cable. And as with other Bose headphones, they deliver impressively high-quality sound.

Read the review here.

Fitbit Versa smartwatch – $299.95

Father's Day

Fitness bands don’t have to be stark, utilitarian devices. Fitbit’s latest is the Versa. It’s more properly thought of as a smartwatch than a fitness band, although it does all that stuff just as well. As a Father’s Day present it’s versatile. That’s because it’s stylish, perfectly usable as a good looking watch. In other words, it is more than just a suggestion to dad that he get up from the couch and get the heart moving.

We certainly liked the Fitbit Versa very much (and indeed, one is adorning our wrist right now as we’re typing this). Read the Fitbit Versa review here.

Andatech AlcoSense breathalyser — $269 to $469

Father's Day

How about a Father’s Day gift that can help dad stay safe? And stay out of jail? A compact, portable breath tester can help him with both, especially after those all-important work-social gatherings. We’ve played with the Andatech AlcoSense line a few times, and we’ve been consistently impressed.

Indeed, we have drunk one or several glasses of wine for you, just to make sure they work. They do.

Wacom Bamboo Tip – $79.95

Father's Day

Does your dad have a tablet or touchscreen computer, but no “stylus” for it? His finger is fine for tapping buttons, but if wants to take notes or draw on his screen, it’s a stylus he needs. Wacom has been in the computer-drawing-interface game for roughly forever, so it knows what it’s doing with this kind of thing.

Make sure you read the review for a few tips on compatibility.

Nuraphone Bluetooth headphones – $499

Father's Day

We’re pretty sure that if your dad has spent any time on gadget websites he’d know about the Nuraphone Bluetooth headphones. They are advertised everywhere. When we checked them out, we had to agree that the Nuraphone headphones are thoroughly impressive.

Their main trick is that they tune their sound to your hearing. That worked in a good way. They also provide excellent noise reduction, both passively and actively. They’re probably not ideal for travelling because of their bulk, but otherwise your dad will likely love these for Father’s Day.