FIFA World Cup 2014 to broadcast in 4K

Just last week, a few readers asked us whether those new fandangled Ultra High Definition TVs would have a 4K broadcast aired to them. Now we can say yes, and it will happen next year.

Announced by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and reported initially by the Asahi Shimbun, the first 4K broadcast will be of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil next year, though it will likely be a Japan exclusive.

That means if you have a 4K TV, you’ll need to fly to Japan with the telly and watch the sportscast there, with the Ultra High Def broadcast not set to start until June 12 when the soccer games begin.

While 4K TVs are still relatively new – and reasonably high priced – you can expect to see more products on the market between here and then, with several models coming in under the 85 inch size announced at CES, and even some that were over.

As for if or when Australia will be broadcasting in 4K, that’s anyone’s guess, but we wouldn’t put our money on a 4K broadcast of the 2014 World Cup down here.

Samsung's first 4K TV, announced at this year's CES.