We have other MOUs pending and interest from professional IT associations to run short-courses. That is a true industry/vendor partnership, and I would love to spend 24/7 spreading the word in this way. Kaspersky train-the-trainer Modules include:

Malware Reverse Engineering

An overview of how to dissect and analyse executables and scripts, as well as understand what they do. This is a hands-on, practice-oriented module enabling participants to learn how to analyse and reverse engineer software/malware, avoid common software bugs exploited by attackers and build better, more secure applications.

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

New and different cyberattacks happen every day. Someone has to have the necessary skills to respond to security incidents, conduct an initial live analysis of compromise, collect digital evidence in a forensically sound environment and analyse that evidence to uncover the attack scenario.

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Threat Hunting

What are the modern attack tactics, techniques, and procedures? Practical take-home skills in attack detection and investigation.

GG: A good start, but is this enough?

A good start, yes, but we need to sing out at the top of our voices that countries, government, academia and industry must do more.

We need to shift public opinion from apathy to action. No matter how loud Eugene Kaspersky shouts, it is going to take a paradigm shift to answer the call.

Kaspersky runs a global Kaspersky Secure’ IT cup for students 18-26 year’s old. It focuses on different cybersecurity themes. The 2019 competition ( now closed) explores machine learning, Fintech and Automotive cybersecurity.

Fighting cybercrime

The top 40 entrants receive sponsored participation at our global conference. The winner gets US$10,000.

Why do we do this? Well, it helps identify the top talent coming through and gives us a fresh look at cybersecurity issues that may help shape the future.

You can read more about RMIT Universities pilot program to participate in the Kaspersky SecureIT Cup here.

GG: Last Words on Fighting Cybercrime?

To quote Eugene Kaspersky, “There’s no nation in the world that has enough cybersecurity specialists. If you have any opportunity to advise your governments or anyone to invest more in education in your countries, please do!”

Eugene’s Q&A session at INSEAD is below