Finite speakers are off the shelf, literally

If the interior décor of your home is as important as the audio that fills it, German ‘functional’ high-end audio manufacturer Finite Elemente has just the thing.

A wall shelf with a quality finish that houses an amplifier and stereo speakers, the Finite Horizontal 51 will boost the sound of your smaller home entertainment devices without intruding into your home space.

Housing a 2 x 25 watt amp for the stereo speakers, with drivers firing out from the shelf and a downward firing bass driver in the bottom, the Finite Horizontal looks inconspicuous but can fill your room with sound.

There’s a built-in, charging iPod dock and, besides the 30-pin Apple connector, the shelf has USB and line-in inputs to connect a TV, PC or other device. A remote control makes operation simple and there are seven different finishes, from a bright gloss red to a walnut effect.

The $999 Finite Horizontal shelf weighs 10kg and supports up to 25kg, so would also be great for a small, bedroom LCD TV to complement the small speakers.