Fireplaces go modern by ditching the fireplace

Technology changes everything, from the toaster to the vacuum cleaner, and yes, to the humble fireplace, with Black and Stone showing us a new way to get some warmth into your life.

Aimed for the home owner after a portable fireplace – yes, you’re reading that correctly – the VioFlame is a new fireplace that runs on ethanol and can be located virtually anywhere.

The big one carries an almost $1300 price tag.

A few styles are available, and Black and Stone tells us that this unit can sit in a home or outside if need be, with the design able to be matched for different décor.

The larger of the units come in two colours – VFC4000RBG (black) or VFC4000RWG (white) – are the modern take on a transparent fireplace setting, carrying price tags of around $1249.

The smaller models from Black and Stone have much lower prices than their big brothers.

Another style is also available, called the “Ezy Flame Decorative Table Top Fire,” which is price from $129 and is apparently an easily built model that throws the fire into, you guessed it, a table top.