Fitbit saves a buck, keeps you moving for less

Still not convinced that technology can help you shed the kilos? Maybe you should try again before the warmer seasons hit. To push you in a bit, Fitbit has unveiled two new options, letting people not keen to spend much try tech to get you walking.

“People are growing increasingly aware of how little we move and how we need to move more throughout the day,” said the founder and CEO of Fitbit, James Park.

“We at Fitbit are dedicated to helping people achieve health and fitness with products that are well designed, beautiful, easy, and fit seamlessly into their lives.”

To help give people a bit of a nudge in the right direction for improving their fitness, Fitbit is launching two new products, on the back of the Australian release of the Fitbit Ultra several months ago.

The new products come in the form of the Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One, improving the original gadget, adding more functionality, and even cutting a wire or two.

Arriving on store shelves this week, the Zip is the first of the products, and aims to bring Fitbit’s footstep tracking weight-loss encouragement technology to a price point under the hundred-twenty mark where the original was placed.

In fact, at $69.95 RRP, it’s probably one of the cheapest entry points to fitness technology, with the clipped fitness gadget tracking your daily steps, distance, and calories burned, easily syncing to Bluetooth 4.0 ready devices, like the iPhone 5 and new iPad.

Meanwhile, the Fitbit Ultra is being changed, replaced as the flagship Fitbit with the One, an activity tracker with sleep tracking thrown in too.

The new One model ($119.95) will monitor the same sort of movement you can make on the Zip, but also see how well you’re sleeping, waking you up with a gentle vibration when worn around your wrist through the wrist-strap the company provides in the box.

Small motivational messages are still sent on the gadget’s screen, and like a game, you can watch a flower grow depending on how well you do. Bluetooth 4.0 syncing is included here too, though you’ll need to recharge the battery every week.

Both the Fitbit One and Zip devices work with the Fitbit apps on Android and iOS devices, as well as with online, allowing you to turn your fitness routine into a game, competing with friends and proving how well you’re doing through the course of your exercise.