Fitbit to be wrist-worn in Flex

The fitness gadget revolution restarted last year with a new range of gadgets from brands such as Nike, BodyMedia, and Fitbit, and now the latter of these is jumping from the clip-on gadget to something a little more wrist friendly.

There’s little denying that the wrist is one of the better places to house technology you try not to think about, and that’s probably one of the reasons why time pieces have worked for so long on that specific limb.

Fitbit will be making the jump from the waist and pocket to the wrist this year, as it pushes its combined activity tracks and sleep monitor into a smaller device than previous models.

Built into a small module that sits inside of a rubber strap, the Flex keeps the technology seen in prior generationd, but makes the presentation smaller, showing only a maximum of five LED dots, instead of that little monochrome display from the original Fitbit and Fitbit Ultra.

The module itself can be removed and placed into other straps, and will still track how many steps you’ve taken, distance traveled, the calories you’ve burned off, and will even monitor your sleep.

“We’re aware that there is no ‘one size fits all’ option in fitness, so Fitbit wants to offer the widest variety on the market,” said the CEO of Fitbit, James Park. “When we saw that we could bring our knowledge to a wristband format done right, we had to create the new Flex.”

The Flex will synchronise with the iPhone and iPad, as well as select Android devices – Samsung phones only, at the moment; we’re finding out why – over Bluetooth, sending information to tablets and smartphones so you can track how well you’re doing without reaching for yet another device, and relying on one product you check all the time.

Keen parties will have to wait a few months before they can don the new Flex wrist tracker, though, as it won’t be hitting stores in Australia until June, where it will retail for $119.95 in black and slate. Meanwhile, extra wrist straps will be available in three colours – teal, tangerine, and navy – for $39.95 each.