Fitness entrant Moov slims down, watches all your activities

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We see quite a few fitness gadgets and are usually wearing at least one, but most of these track the same thing: steps and movement. An upcoming gadget from Moov might go even further, monitoring everything to improve your well-being.

To do this, Moov has built a 9-axis tracker into coin-like design that you wear around your wrist like a watch.

There’s no watch here, however, and the Moov Now — the gadget in question — will track your motion depending on the activity you’re doing and where it is placed.


When placed on your hand, it will track punch speed and power, as well as technique.

If you’re cycling, you can attach it to your ankle or feet and monitor distance, speed, elevation, and cadence. Swimmers can track laps, strokes, turn time, rest time, and more, and it is waterproof, too.


We’re even told it will work as a run tracker for those of you still taking the daily jog, with a position on the feet tracking steps, calories, pace, and even impact as your foot hits the ground.


Apps are available for Android and iOS, with the device needing to support Bluetooth LE to work, which many devices from 2014 onwards should certainly, as all iPhones from the 4S and above to, with quite a few Androids supporting, too.

The battery on the Moov Now also appears to be good for up to six months, with no recharging needed, and just a replacement when the app tells you to.


One thing we are intrigued about is a form of virtual coaching offered, and if you run with your phone and keep the Moov Now on your body, it will reportedly talk to you via your earbuds and inform you of how to correct your walk, run, jog, and more, with quick explanations of what you’re doing to help you progress and improve.

The inclusion of this virtual coach could be a game changer for Moov, because while we’ve seen a bit of that through an app on Jawbone, it has never been something that speaks to you, and that could certainly raise the playing field, so to speak.


“The market is saturated with fitness trackers that all do the same thing,” said Meng Li, CEO of Moov.

“We’ve amassed over a year’s worth of data for even more precise and intelligent workout analysis, and we’re excited to introduce Moov Now as the next level of personal training.”


Pricing for the Moov Now is currently set to around $77 plus delivery for Aussies in its pre-order stage, but we’re told that will raise to $130 when it is released in September later this year.

We’re told it can currently be ordered from the Moov website, but we’ll let you know if or when any stores sign on to get this thing in retail.