Fix on the way for troubled iPhone 3G users


Did you upgrade your iPhone 3G to the new iOS 4 only to find that it slow and barely useable? According to Apple’s Steve Jobs, a fix is on the way.
After emails made by members of the “Mac Rumours” website asked about a fix, Steve Jobs merely replied with:
“Software update coming soon.”

Apple had previously said that iOS 4 would be compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS phones, the original 2G never-released-in-Australia model the only version that wouldn’t be supported.
But when many customers with an iPhone 3G upgraded to the new operating system, they found their phones slow and unresponsive. We’ve had many emails from distressed iPhone users trying to work out what to do and have even heard a few switch to Android phones.
Most people with an iPhone 3G know there’s a problem and want it fixed, and whatever the Apple solution is certainly can’t come fast enough.