Flexicell Sunslick Solar Panels


Flexcell manufactures light, thin and flexible PV cells, using a proprietary thin film coating technology developed in the laboratories of the Institute for Micro-Technology ((IMTT) at the University of Neuchhtel in Switzerland.

With the aim to achieve significantly lower production costs, flexcell has industrialised the process to deposit a single amorphous silicon layer on low cost plastic substrates.

The Sunpack is the ideal companion for all outdoor activities such as, camping, trekking, mountain climbing, etc. All activities where mobility is key!

The Sunpack is a lightweight, compact and rollable solar charger for portable electronic devices such as, mobile and satellite phones, PDAs, GPS, MP3 players, and digital cameras.

The Sunpack is easily transportable and gives you power at hand wherever you go. Easy plug and play via the universal cigarette lighter adapter.

The 7 watt and 14 watt panels rolled up ready for transport


The recommended retail price of the 7 watt Flexicell Sunslick is $275, the 14 watt model is $480, and the 27 watt is $776.

Source: Hot off the Shelf