Flos Arco floor lamp

The best designs are often the most copied, but never anywhere near the standard of the original. The Arco floor lamp by Italian lighting house Flos is one such design. This timeless lighting piece, created by the Castiglioni brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo in 1962, has gone on to become a classic. At the base of the Arco is a 55 cm-high piece of white Carrara marble. It holds a satin-finish stainless steel telescopic stem that rises 250 cm into the air. The curved part of the stem can be set at two different heights, and the aluminium component that holds the light itself can be swivelled. Choose the position of the lamp wisely; at almost 66 kg, it?s not exactly designed to be moved around easily. It can be placed inconspicuously next to your couch or it can take centre position ? it will look like a piece of Italian sculpture in your lounge room.