Floy ?The New PlayDoh


Nominated for Toy of the Year at the 2007 Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair, FLOY is set to become the hottest craft craze since play dough!

FLOY is a lightweight modelling gel, filled with foam micro beads that can be kneaded, moulded and formed to create the simplest of shapes to the most complex models and artwork! FLOY is the new, ultimate modelling fun for kids!

The small, consistently sized beads allow the product to be moulded into almost any shape, no matter how delicate! When the gel is exposed to the air over a period of time it will harden and your design will set!

The coloured gel also allows you to mix together new and unique colours from the primary colours provided. Creativity with FLOY is limited only by your imagination!

You can use FLOY to craft designs for windows, doors, or mirrors. Create your own jewellery collection, mould stickers or fridge magnets, decorate tins, toy cars, pots, picture frames or jewellery boxes. FLOY sticks to almost any material and it can even bounce!

Almost anything is possible with FLOY.

FLOY is non-toxic and non-allergenic, unlike similar products that have been known to cause allergic reactions. FLOY has a ?non-gloopy? and ?non-slimy? texture and does not leave unwanted sticky residue on your hands or clothes.

FLOY is available from Kmart, Toys ?R? Us and good independent toy retailers nationally from June. FLOY is suitable for persons aged 3+.