Flying cars: a thing of the near future

In the ’50s, magazines such as Popular Science and Popular Mechanics promised us visions of skies filled with flying cars. In 2012, it might finally happen.

The Terrafugia Transition is a car unlike any other you’ve seen before because, quite simply, it’s also an aeroplane.
The two-seat vehicle folds up its wings to fit in a standard road lane, expanding when it needs to fly.
Sadly, you may not be able to afford it, but that won’t stop a few of you from trying to import one into the country. No real price has been listed yet, but the company behind it has asked for a $10,000 USD deposit ahead of the late-2011 expected release.
We can only wonder what driving tests will come with it. Expect new hazard tests involving pigeons, passenger jets, and propellers.
Whatever you have to do, make sure to get some flight simulator time before you attempt that aviation-license.
Images credit of Terrafugia